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Política de Devolução


 We base our return policies on the Consumer Protection Law (Law No. 22/2009) and divide it into three parts. They are:



A. Return for withdrawal and / or regret of purchase:

    If you receive the ESPECTACULAR product and are not satisfied or regret the purchase, rest assured! Call us within 07 working days after receiving the product and request a return. We suggest that you, as a refund, take another item on our website, but, if you prefer, you can request a refund of the amount paid, which is carried out after confirmation of the product return. We take the item from your home or you must return the item.

    If you have purchased or received ESPECTACULAR's assembly service, the 07-day return period for dissatisfaction or regret of purchase starts from the product's assembly date.

    B. Return due to apparent damage:

    An apparent malfunction is considered if the packaging or the product shows any visible damage. Example: a part of the product arrived broken, the packaging arrived damaged or with signs of damage. Refuse delivery of the item immediately in these cases.

    This item also fits, in cases where you, the customer:

    1. Receives the product without apparent damage to the packaging and, after opening it, finds that the product, or part of it, is damaged;
    2. Receive the product, regardless of whether the packaging is wrinkled, wet, torn or showing signs of visible external damage; after opening it, he finds that the product is damaged.

    In these cases, you have 30 (thirty) calendar days stipulated by the Consumer Protection Law, counting from the date of receipt of the goods, to contact us reporting the event. Remember that, if visible, we will ask you to send one or two photos of the problem so that we can identify the problem.

    C. Return for Technical / Manufacturing Defect, Apparent Addiction:

    This item includes cases in which you, the customer, find that the packaging and label correspond to the product purchased and, after unpacking and testing the product, faces a possible technical / manufacturing defect (cases of products with defects from manufacturing, such as: a piece that was delivered without finishing, etc.).

    If this happens, you must contact us within 30 calendar days after receiving the product, as stipulated in the Consumer Protection Law, or during the term of the supplier's warranty. After this period, the contact must be made directly with the manufacturer or with its authorized technical assistance network. Remember that one or two photos of the product will be requested so that our technical team can evaluate it.

    D. Return for Hidden Defect: 

    This item fits in cases where you, the customer, receive a product and find that the packaging and label correspond to the purchased item and, after opening the packaging, realize that, apparently, the product is in good condition, but after some time use, it is evident that there is a problem or malfunction.

    If this happens during the supplier's warranty, you have up to 30 (thirty) consecutive days, counting from the date of the discovery of the hidden defect to notify us, according to the Consumer Protection Law. Remember that one or two photos of the product will be requested so that we can evaluate it.

    E. Return due to disagreement with the purchase order. (Products delivered wrong or with missing part / parts of the item):

    This item fits in cases that you, the customer, find after receiving the product and after opening the packaging, that the delivered item is wrong, some part or piece of the product is missing. Also in this case you must notify us within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of receipt of the product.

    Stay tuned! You must check your order on receipt and check for possible problems. If any of the hypotheses fall within the act of receipt, we will support you in resolving the problem, as long as you contact us within the stipulated deadlines. It will not be possible to provide support if the contact is made after the deadlines stipulated from the date of receipt of the product.


    If the product has been transported and assembled at the consumer's expense, the return must be made at the consumer's expense.

    For all other cases, ESPECTACULAR will collect the product(s) at the same address where the delivery was made, whether in the case of exchange, return and analysis of any defects.

    The refund of the amount paid for the product (s), will only occur after confirmation of delivery of the product to ESPECTACULAR or confirmation of collection of the item at the delivery address.

    In addition, the product must be within the conditions informed at the time of request, otherwise, ESPECTACULAR reserves the right not to collect or receive the product return after evaluation at our facilities.


    This process must follow the instructions below:

    1. Pack the product in its original packaging;
    2. Return all items / accessories that come with the product.

    The refund of the amount paid will be made only after confirmation of receipt of the product.


    It is essential to follow the instructions below:

    1. Pack the product in its original packaging;
    2. Return all items / accessories that come with the product;
    • At the time of collection, the carrier will be in possession of 02 (two) proofs of collection: One will be delivered to you with the carrier's data, proving that the item has been removed (keep this document safe); the other will be the receipt that will be returned to us, and must be signed by you, customer.

    Collections are made from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm. 

    Stay tuned! We do not carry out an exchange, that is, the collection of the product to be returned and the delivery of the new product on the same day. We are committed to making up to 02 (two) collection attempts and we count on your help so that the collection of your order is facilitated, leaving someone available to deliver the product to the carrier. If both attempts result in failure, the process will be canceled, you will be notified and ESPECTACULAR reserves the right to charge for the amount that was about to be refunded.

    • For any of the above cases to be effective, the product must be returned unassembled (in the case of products that require assembly), in its original packaging, accompanied by all accessories and manuals. ESPECTACULAR is not responsible for disassembling the product. This service must be provided and paid for by the customer;
    • The product must not have any indication of use;
    • ESPECTACULAR is not responsible for contracted services (carriers, product assembly, etc.) by customers. Any damage to the products resulting from the contracting of these services is the sole responsibility of the customer;
      • We do not refund services contracted by the client;
      • We are exempt from the obligation to respond to requests for exchange or return of any product returned without notice to us, out of time, without packaging or with no accompanying items / accessories.;
      • After collecting the product at the delivery address, we will receive the product at our facilities within 5 business days for an analysis of the product's conditions to be carried out. Once completed, the refund request will be made and you will receive in your e-mail and / or cell phone the chargeback period, which will be made according to the order payment method.
      • Refunds of amounts paid for an order that will be returned will only be made after confirmation of receipt at the delivery address.


      If you remain in any doubt regarding the processing of your personal data, or wish to exercise any of your rights, please contact us:

      1. By phone: +258 84 10 20 520;
      2. By e-mail:

      Occasionally, ESPECTACULAR will update this Return Policy. We encourage you to periodically review this document to keep up.


      Revised: June 2021